Citizens Bank ATMs

We Have Four 24 Hour ATMs For Your Convenience

 Eldon Main
 Eldon South
 Versailles Facility  Excelsior Facility
 110 N Maple  Hwy 54 South  700 West Newton  18691 Hwy K
 Eldon, Mo  Eldon, Mo  Versailles, Mo  Versailles, Mo

Out of Town? Out of Cash? No Problem! With Shazam Privileged Status you can access your accounts nationwide with no extra fees! Just look for the Shazam Privileged Status logo on the ATM.



All Citizens Bank Customers are granted “Privileged Status” at these locations. This means your can use your Citizens Bank ATM or Debit card at any of these machines without paying any additional surcharges.



This is just another service we provide our account holders to make their banking as convenient as possible! Click here to find the “Privileged Status” ATMs near you… ATM LOCATIONS